Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Interesting Times

My girl has had a fabulous day at Thomas Land, Drayton Manor Park. She ran around the whole place, had a beautiful temperament all day and was a joy to be around.  

Our whole day has been an exercise in positive parenting. When she had a minor freak out on Bertie the Bus, Mr Onions and I 'whee!-ed' and 'wow!-ed' with gusto. When she was shocked at the speed of the roller coaster I described how it felt, giving her positive words to explain the sensations. I think it worked: she wanted to go back on every single thing, even the ones where she nearly pooed herself. 

After the combined excitement, adrenaline and sugar rush of the theme park you'd think she'd be wiped out. but no; as soon as we got home she found a Thomas magazine and started colouring a picture (after five minutes in search of the perfect blue.) Then, completely unprompted, out came a writing workbook she was given for her birthday (dear buyer: thank you, the party was manic and I know which family it came from, but not who specifically, I'm sorry! Mommy fail). She did a whole page on her own.

I think the damage from nursery has nearly been eradicated :)

Check out the joy on these faces:

Happy people and pachycephalosaurs

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