Thursday, 22 July 2010

3 years old

My brain is exhausted, so, here's a question for you that has had a definitive 'yes!' answer in our house over the past 4 weeks.

Three year olds are more difficult than two year olds.



  1. I would have to agree with you on this...All you ever hear about when you have kids is the so called "terrible 2's". Now, in my experience, a two year old is much easier to reason with than a very strong minded, have to do it my way or I'll scream the whole street down three year old.

    There is little or no room for compromise from what I've seen of the 3's so far...I think maybe because three year olds are less easily distracted than two year olds, therefore less likely to give in when things aren't going the way they planned. A two year old, theoretically, is still a baby ergo easier to reason with. A three year old has made that transition from baby to step down from teenager!

    I see mothers struggling to control their hyper, over excited two year olds (and I have been one of them). They tell me they can't wait til the "terrible 2's" are over. I give a sympathetic smile whilst at the same time thinking "you ain't seen nothing yet!"

    I suppose we should welcome the fact our children are so strong minded and independent, their extreme reluctance to give up when thing aren't going their way, and hope it carries on throughout their lives. Although, probably best if they lose the kicking and screaming as I can't really see that being of much help in the likes of job interviews and such!

  2. From 2.5 - 3.5 was the hardest year for me with my daughter. Very stubborn, very strong-willed, very defiant, testing boundaries, etc.. Now that she's 4 it's getting much better. But yes, three is hell. I called her my 'threenager'. lol

  3. Anon,
    thank goodness it's not just me! I had such an easy time with my two year old daughter that I don't quite know who my three year old daughter actually *is* sometimes. As parents we constantly have to re-write the book through each of the stages our children discover.

  4. FF,
    our girls sound very similar, what kind of approach did you end up using when she was really pushing it?

  5. Much, much harder! I never really understood the "terrible twos" phrase but the threes have been so hard. Especially once they hit 3.5: the rebellion, the determination to ignore rational thought even when they have the capacity to in some respects, the first signs of negative 'learnt' behaviour (being 'mean', lying, holding grudges ect). I have been more challenged this past year with my three year old then at any point since she was born. Considering she was born preterm, by emergency c-section, and then I got hit with PND for a year, that's saying alot. But then some much joy and beauty develops in their third year - I can't even keep track of the amazing conversations I've had with her, the imagination that just seems to have no boundaries ect. I guess what I'm saying is hang in there!

  6. I know I found three so much more of a challenge than two!!! Much more conflict of wills, and I know it's brought out my frustrations and ugly shouty side much more than two ever did.

  7. TCM: I guess there are always some good things to think about, difficult though! It sounds like you had a rough time of it, thanks for sharing and for the advice :)

  8. April: I can totally empathise with that, what to do eh?! My solution lately has been to give myself time out, not her!