Tuesday, 21 August 2012

My comfort zone

I'm trying out Superbetter after watching Jane McGonigal's TED talk. The concept is cute - a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy game to 'level up' your life. I'm working on 'Being Awesome' because we all have times when we need a reminder how great we are, right?

picture cred:  Jessica Hagy via Superbetter
My task for today is to write down how I feel about my comfort zone, and I must say I am firmly enmeshed in it at the moment. When the right (or should that be wrong?) mood strikes I usually like to spend a few days avoiding everything and watching too much TV. I think it happens when I spend too long operating at a certain level of intensity, I forget to regulate my introverted need for space and end up fatigued by the world. 

My comfort zone also pops up when there's something that I want to do, but achieving it seems insurmountable. Leaving it takes a special kind of resolve, usually involving a period of absolute solitude (to achieve the thing I need to do but have been avoiding) followed by loud music from my happy list, some sort of exercise and a good natter with family or friends.

Perhaps articulating it will make it easier to see my way out in the future? 

(Whoop - +2 Mental Resiliance, +1 Emotional Resiliance!)