Thursday, 23 April 2009

income tax

I've been reading student forums about the 50% income tax.
It's comments like this that rile me:

"Firstly how is it fair if someone who works hard to such an extent that they can provide a better quality of life for themselves and their family, has to shoulder the burden?"

How is it you define a better quality of life?

I feel a bit ill when I think what 'quality of life' might mean to this person.

To me a 'good quality of life' would be having a happy family with food on the table, heating in the house, the ability to save a bit and enough left over for treating yourself to a DVD or pizza every now and then.

But then I'm a stingy cow and wouldn't know what to do with a £150,000 income anyway.

Quality of life.

What does it mean to people?


Friday, 17 April 2009


There's a certain online forum [link redacted] that seems to be a place for women who pretend they're not yummy mummy's (but really are) to bitch about other yummy mummy's. It actually makes me feel a bit ill to read the way they snipe at other women.

In this forum women were bitching about stuff that I *loved* to do as a kid, that my daughter also seems to like doing. There's some kind of misunderstanding going on where they seem to think that all parents who encourage their kids to do certain activities are being pushy, rather than the (more accurate, in my case) fact that you're giving them the experience to find out what they like doing.

I don't get it, do they just not connect with their kids? I loved doing stuff with my parents. The only thing that I remember being particularly bored by as a kid is documentaries. But I quite enjoy them now. Funny eh?

Sunday, 5 April 2009


Hi all,

just posting a note to let you know I have a few things half written but I'm taking a break until May to focus on my dissertation. When my half written work is posted it will most likely be back-dated to the original starting date.

Thanks for your interest so far, I hope you'll stay with me!

See you in a month.