Friday, 17 April 2009


There's a certain online forum [link redacted] that seems to be a place for women who pretend they're not yummy mummy's (but really are) to bitch about other yummy mummy's. It actually makes me feel a bit ill to read the way they snipe at other women.

In this forum women were bitching about stuff that I *loved* to do as a kid, that my daughter also seems to like doing. There's some kind of misunderstanding going on where they seem to think that all parents who encourage their kids to do certain activities are being pushy, rather than the (more accurate, in my case) fact that you're giving them the experience to find out what they like doing.

I don't get it, do they just not connect with their kids? I loved doing stuff with my parents. The only thing that I remember being particularly bored by as a kid is documentaries. But I quite enjoy them now. Funny eh?


  1. hey i just came across ur blog... u are a great mother! don't worry about what others say. well i just think, as children, kids do need a form of guidance and someone to look up to. and so exposing ur children to what u like is definitely not wrong! it's a good form of bonding in fact i think. i am not as dortunate as when i grew older, my mum just became more busy and we actually hang out less... so keep up with it! ur kid will be grateful one day when she or he grows up!

  2. Thank you very much!

    I feel quite comfortable with my style of parenting and love doing interactive things with my daughter, what I was annoyed about was the way the women on the website were talking about parents like me.

    I think it's sad that some parents think that kids don't enjoy doing stuff that their parents have encouraged.I feel like the only reasons kids might not enjoy doing stuff with their parents is if the parents aren't really enjoying it themselves, or if the parents are trying to force them into doing something!

    One of the best things I find about being a parent is doing crazy creative stuff or just spending time with your kid.

    I hope you get chance to spend more time with your mum, and that she know how much she means to you!