Sunday, 2 January 2011

Five things I learned in 2010

Inspiring as ever, Felicia Day put me up to this (I make it sound like we're best buddies, but all I did was read her blog; I guess I've started going ever so slightly crazy after the best part of 3 weeks in cabin-feverish swine-flu-induced exile.)

  1. Routine is the path to a calm mind
    Last year I was at my happiest and most 'together' during the times I maintained an 'autopilot' routine for housework and activities. To some people this might seem like common sense, but I'm not a born organised person. I'm scatty, distractable and selfish with my precious time (which is invariably eaten up by laptop-usage and staring at terrible t.v.) But routine gave me more time, and I managed to prioritise my internet time for really important things, which led to a huge backlog of blog posts in my Reader; subsequently, I realised that the ones I kept putting off were a complete waste of my time!

  2. I would rather work to my own schedule for less money than forfeit my sanity for wages
    I was employed for a quarter of 2010, in a job that, whilst rewarding, caused huge strain upon every area of my life. And what did I do with the money I earned? Spent it on my family. I think that sums up where my priorities lie in life. So after a few months 'de-employing' myself, I considered my options and found there was a way I could earn a small amount of money doing the thing I actually enjoy. 2011 will see how that pans out.

  3. Committing to something solely because you're good at it is not a good reason to do it, and is likely to stress you out
    I seem to need reminding of this periodically. The problem with having wide ranging interests and some useful skills is that I think that I 'ought' to do things, I 'ought' to take opportunities and I 'should' be the best. Crippling insecurity and performance anxiety ensue. So I'm weighing up my options now, and probably making some changes to my long term plans.

  4. 1 buddy who 'gets you' brings more pleasure than 10 fair-weather friends
    I met (or got closer to) some beautiful people in 2010, they know who they are. I'm so pleased to know them all :)

  5. I don't always have all the answers
    Sometimes you learn things the hard way, sometimes you never learn. Hopefully the former will apply to me rather than the latter!