Thursday, 12 February 2009

Bill O'Reilly...

Wow...Browsing American feminist forums really opens your eyes to the world...
Bill O'Reilly
Mr O'Reilly is, just, wow. I can't imagine anyone on UK TV being allowed to act in such a way. Ouch. It actually hurts to watch him.
It makes me wonder, is the UK more open to women's rights, more anti-racist, or is it that the UK television media is more tightly restrained?
I know that these kinds of opinions are much more common in certain newspapers, but I feel truly lucky that the television channels in the UK are so much more tightly regulated, even if it can be argued as a constraint on free speech. Who wants to hear that kind of diatribe?


  1. Angry. So very, very angry.

    I'm sure there are people like this over here, but thank goodness we don't give them TV slots- especially on 'news' shows!!

  2. I know, I actually didn't realise that The Simpsons portrayal of Fox News and the 'eeevil liberals' waas so close to the truth!