Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Growing vegetables with kids

A very happy green-fingered lady
We've been growing vegetables in our garden for 3 years now and I can't believe that this year is the first time we've tried something legume-ey (that's a scientific word, btw).

We've had plenty of success with potatoes for a couple of years but decided to give the soil a rest from those this year. A quick check in my self-sufficiency book has just proved that my ability to retain useless information is in fine form, as we've managed to plant the above sugar-snap peas in the spot that previously held potatoes.

I was hugely proud of myself for constructing a frame for the peas and NP has been delighted with her 'peapods'. We gave her a choice of seeds and she decided to grow sugar snaps because she loves them so much - she eats them raw. Every visitor to the house has been dragged outside to view them and as soon as she spotted me harvesting them she was right there yanking them off and whooping for joy.

I definitely think all kids should get a chance to grow veggies of some sort, even a tiny pot of salad would be great, watching things grow and taking care of them is a great conversation starter for learning about nature and sometimes even a good way to get them to eat vegetables. People always say that cooking with your kids makes them want to eat the food they've made; growing things is another step in that chain. 


  1. I'm not surprised she's excited! We're involved with a community garden just down the road from us and you should have seen me this Sunday when we got our first sugarsnaps, broad beans, shallots and lettuces! I've never grown veg before and it's awesome.

  2. Yeah! I love the idea of a community garden, what a fantastic idea. It would be lovely to have an allotment but I can see it's a huge task for one family, sounds like you've overcome that problem :)