Thursday, 15 September 2016

Home Education 2016

Home Ed seems to be getting some positive press these days. It's kinda cool. When we started it was an absolute labyrinth to find out:

1) if there were home educators nearby
2) where they met
3) if we were welcome

For me, it involved a backdated search of a yahoo group and a few cheeky emails to a randomer I'd found who had once posted about a group that might have met on a wednesday 2 years ago. The person didn't even home educate any more, but was pleasant enough and supplied me with the proper information.

So I toddled off with the 3 year old in tow and found my people. 

These days a quick facebook search brings up 3 separate groups for my town alone, with more for the surrounding towns and cities. Spoiled for choice :) 

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