Friday, 25 September 2009

Suri Cruise

What a kerfuffle

The reason these photos were taken may not be cool but, man, that skirt is gorgeous.

I don't agree with young children wearing high heels, they need to learn to walk in proper shoes that support their feet. I can't escape noticing, however, that Katie isn't wearing heels. Which suggests to me that Suri might just really like dressing up. What mother would put her child in a pair of heels when she herself isn't even wearing them? One who is encouraging their child to have creativity and choice in her clothes.

What parent HASN'T had a kid that wants to walk around in mommy's/daddy's shoes? It was only a few weeks ago I watched my friend's little boy trot around the Wacky Warehouse in his mama's totally awesome stiletto boots!

Or I could just be being idealistic and Suri has already been brainwashed into received ideas about femininity. Whatever.


  1. I tend to agree with you, I think she was probably just dressing up. People are going to pick apart whatever the Cruise's do so it's a given that this was blown out of proportion.

  2. thanks Amity, thank god we're not all celebs eh?